Youtube Video – Mr Sandman Remix

Mr Sandman is a popular song in 1950s, written by Pat Ballard and was first performed by The Chordettes. The song is about a request to Mr Sandman, a magical being who bring good dreams by sprinkling magical sand to the eyes of children while they were asleep.

The song was re-recorded over time, sometimes with male-vocalist, with the lyric altered to suit the gender of the singer. The particular remix is interesting because it involves a male singer with a mix of 60s music.

Urban Terror – a Free Counter-Strike like game

Good news for First-Person-Shooter (FPS) lovers! Urban Terror might be just for you! Build upon Quake III Arena open source code, Urban Terror features game-play that is almost similar with Counter-strike, except better graphics and is updated to meet the needs of today’s computer graphic hardware demands. Best of all, the game is free!

You can download Urban Terror from its official website and start fraggin’ now!