Youtube: Morse Code Practice Oscillator in Action


For starters… It does not actually sounds like that, I had to lower the voltage because the speaker output is too loud and you can hear that i’m not a good at sending morse too.

Still in progress, I’m still looking to modify it abit and put it in a nice box and attach it with a decent key.

At last my Morse Practice Circuit Completed – sort of

As promised in the previous post,Simple Morse Practice Oscillator Circuit has been completed. Sorry, I cant do anything much with the photo quality as it was taken using my stupid mobile phone.

Morse Code Oscillator

I promise to include a Youtube video demonstrating its sound and operation. Next, I need to get a decent casing and some cheap morse keyer to go with this oscillator. I might be planning to make one that could interface with CWirc too.

Simple Morse Practice Oscillator Circuit

This will be my next homebrew project, a morse practice oscillator circuit. 9W2AZV and I are going to build this as we are preparing ourselves to perfect our Morse code sending/receiving skills.

In the spirit of amateur radio/ham, we will homewbrew the equipment using easily obtainable parts from our nearest electronic stores.

Here’s the circuit


We are still thinking of the easiest and cheapest way to homebrew the keyer, but we are considering to use discarded/faulty computer mouse as our first keyer.

Morse Mouse Keyer

As a bonus, we thought of hooking this keyer straight to PC serial port, so we could use it with XChat CWirc plugin to enable us to test our Morse skill on the irc.

With the amount of work i’m having this week, I would estimate that this project would be completed by the end of March. So stay tune for photos!