Funny English – Disbarred means not allowed to practice, does ‘Barred’ means allowed to practice? – Lawyer terms

I encounter this funny meaning of disbarred from a local newspaper site ( concerning two lawyer brothers were disbarred from practice because of dishonest conduct. What bug me is, I’m usually accustom with the word ‘barred’ to mean ‘prevented’, ‘not allowed’ and disbarred should mean the opposite like : “Yay, they accepted my appeal, I’m finally disbarred!!” lol. Okay, to be frank a friend of mind did told me in law terms, ‘disbarred’ means the expulsion/removal from the Bar Council.

But does that means being ‘barred’ is a good thing for a lawyer? :p


Are those Running Shoes ?

Snapped this on the way back home, a while back. His kids are surely going to miss their school shoes :p

He drove the car without ever realising that his wife (probably) put their kids shoes to dry on the back of his car. The shoes didn’t last long however, after the traffic light turned green, I saw the shoes fall off the car. Too bad I was busy concentrating on the traffic at that time to snap another photo.

Anyway, happy school holiday guys…