A holiday trip to Genting Highlands – Malaysia

Hi there guys, you all probably wonders why I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks, well the reason is that I was away on a holiday trip with my family. This time I went to Genting Highlands.

Seems like it changed a lot since I last went there 10 years ago, here are some of the pics. I’ve stayed in Awana Genting Hotel for the duration of this trip and they gave me free cable car ticket ride to the theme park.

Complimentary Cable Car Ticket

Genting Highlands Cable Car Waiting List

Cable Car Scenery and Speed (12 km/h)  according to GPS

Do you know how fast these cable cars go? according to GPS reading, Its top speed is around 12-15 km/h and it slows down to 8 km/h when approaching its terminal. It’s funny to see some of the passengers closed their eyes when the cable car slides out from the terminal.

Cable Car Passenger’s limit

Apparently there’s a passenger limit on each cable cars.

Genting Highland Theme Park

Genting Highlands Theme Park Pass

I finally arrived at the theme park, I bought an all day pass wristband for me to enjoy all the rides over there. The funny square thing on the wristband is called QRCode (2 dimensional barcode), which is machine readable and meant to be read by a specialised scanner software.

Well, that’s all from me now, watch this space soon for other posts!

Back from Port Dickson! – No big deal actually

Mypapit Kentaki Port Dickson

I just got back from Port Dickson (Malaysia). Suffice to say that I don’t go there solely for a holiday by the way. And yes, despite what my friend have said about it, I still think Port Dickson sucks for my taste.

Ah by the way, It was new year when I was there. No big deal there either, actually.