Practice Malaysian Radio Amateur’s Examination (RAE) test online

Are you planning to take the Malaysian Radio Amateur’s Examination (RAE) this year? Good news for you as you can test your knowledge and skill using the RAE web quiz at –

Malaysia RAE Examination

The benefits of the the online web quiz are :

  • You will be able to test your knowledge before sitting on the real exam
  • You can customize the test set according to match your free time and level of comfort
  • Can view result of the test in whole or within specific section, allowing you to focus more on section that need to be improved
  • The question set mimics the real RAE test
  • It’s free, and you can take the test as many times as you like!

RAE 2008-2 Results : Congrats to new Malaysian Ham!

Radio Amateur Examination (RAE) results is out! Congratulations to those who have passed the examination! Heck even piju passed the test!

You can view the results here : RAE 2008-2 results from MCMC website.

Important Forms to download :

For those who didn’t pass, dont despair.. there’s plenty of time to study for the next RAE!

Kelas Persediaan RAE 2008-1 di Lokalan Alor Setar, Kedah

Sukacitanya dimaklumkan, rakan rakan radio amatur di sekitar lokalan Kota Setar telah menganjurkan kelas RAE sebagai persediaan menghadapi peperiksaan RAE 2008-1. Butiran seperti dibawah :

Kepada rakan rakan yang akan menduduki kelas RAE 2008-1 boleh menghadiri Kelas Persediaan RAE yang dianjurkan oleh rakan rakan lokalan Kota Setar. Butiran seperti di bawah :

Hari : Setiap Jumaat (Starting 16 Mei 2008)
Masa : 9.00 malam
Tempat : Sek Men Dato’ Syed Omar Alor Setar
Contact person : 9w2aze (019-4494559), 9w2crm (013-4722875)

Peta Lokasi :

Radio Amateur Exam RAE 2008-1 Application form – MCMC

MCMC has released Radio Amateur Examination (RAE 2008-1) form and notice on its official website. Those who are interested to take the exam should download the form and submit it to the nearest MCMC office right away.

Details as follows :
Application closing date : 25 April 2008
Examination date : 24 June 2008
Venue : will be announced later

Please do not forget to enclose a copy of your identity card or passport together with application.

Download RAE 2008 documents here :

Finally, good luck to all candidates!

Original source : MCMC website