Malaysian Petrol Budget Calculator for the new Petrol Price

I guess most people are already aware about the significant petrol hike in Malaysia recently. In place of the subsidy, the govt has given RM645 annually to car owners (below 2000cc) to reduce the burden of middle-class citizen. But can it cover the cost of petrol hike?

Malaysia Petrol Price Budget Calculator

Download the application now : countpetrol.xls

Thankfully somebody took the time to create a spreadsheet application that can calculate the effect of the new subsidy scheme on the new petrol price, and how much you can save from it (if any!).

Download the application now : countpetrol.xls

Are those Running Shoes ?

Snapped this on the way back home, a while back. His kids are surely going to miss their school shoes :p

He drove the car without ever realising that his wife (probably) put their kids shoes to dry on the back of his car. The shoes didn’t last long however, after the traffic light turned green, I saw the shoes fall off the car. Too bad I was busy concentrating on the traffic at that time to snap another photo.

Anyway, happy school holiday guys…