My web hosting is acting up

Sorry for the regular outage of my website. It seems my shared webhosting provider are having problem with high load right now. If the problem persist, I think I might move my blog to some place else which could service this website.

I just felt pitty that all local webhosting company that i’ve tried, ended up overselling their bandwidth and load up until the service availability is compromised.

I’ll continue updating my website as usual as soon I sort out this problem

Forum Komuniti Radio Amatur

Sukacitanya dimaklumkan forum Komuniti Radio Amatur Kota Setar (Kota Setar Amateur Radio Community) secara rasminya telah dilancarkan minggu lepas. Forum ini memberikan ruang kepada rakan rakan ham dan peminat Radio Amatur untuk berkongsi pendapat dan juga berbincang mengenai hobi berkaitan komunikasi radio.

Repeater Gunung Keriang

Jom kita pakat meramaikan forum ASHamradio !

Silent Key : L.B Cebik W4RNL passed away

I’ve just found out from K3OQ website, that LeRoy B Cebik (W4RNL) an amateur radio operator whose website I’ve use a lot for my source of reference has passed away. Although I never had any chance to get to know him better (never met, never QSO), his website has a lot of useful information regarding antenna design and radio communication theories.

LB Cebik W4RNL

You will be sorely missed W4RNL.