Import procedure for Amateur Radio Equipment in Malaysia

As an amateur radio operator, you might need to upgrade your radio equipment from time to time. This might involve you having to import new radios from other country into Malaysia.

However any type of radio communication equipment is considered as control item by Malaysian Government so therefore you need an import permit in order to get the equipment into the country.

How to apply Approved Permit (AP) using JK 69 form

JK 69 Borang Permit Import Kastam
  1. First you need to obtain JK 69 form from government printer (Percetakan Nasional) branches or from local bookshop. Fill in the form.
  2. Make sure you have photocopies of your Apparatus Assignment, Identification documents (IC or Passport or Driving licence) and Brochure/catalog of the intended radio to be purchased/imported.
  3. Submit it to the nearest SIRIM office. You will be charged RM 30 for the processing fee. You will receive the AP on the same day or the next working day.
  4. You can use the AP to show to custom official in order to get your amateur radio equipment into the country.

Customs code for amateur radio transceiver: 852520200

Important Note on Importing Radio Equipment
The radio you are importing must be listed on the MCMC website on Approved Amateur Radio Equipment list. Otherwise you will be charged extra RM 150.00.

The material of this website has been taken from MARTS official website

Homebrewing 6 Element OWA VHF Yagi (10dBi) – hamradio

Here are few photos that 9W2AZV and I have taken during the course of building our 6 element OWA yagi with 10dbi gain.

Materials used to contruct the antenna

  • 8mm aluminium tube, 20 feet
  • 6 feet length of 3/4″ PVC plumbing pipe
  • Ordinary household plug box

We use a plan taken from LB Cebik (W4RNL) website, first covered in : 10dBi – 6 element OWA Yagi-Uda Antenna for 2 meter band

Here are the photos of the antenna in construction :

Homebrew 6 Element Yagi 9w2azv 9w2wtf

Homebrew 6 Element Yagi 9w2azv 9w2wtf

Homebrew 6 Element Yagi 9w2azv 9w2wtf

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MRSM Pendang and ASTRA MOU feat Sheikh Muszaphar 9W2MUS

Here are the photos taken during MRSM Pendang and ASTRA Memorandum of Understanding signing day resulting in the establishment of Amateur Radio club in the boarding school supervised by ASTRA.

The MOU sigining ceremony was also witnessed by our first Astronaut Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor who is also an amateur radio operator (9W2MUS)

MOU MRSM Pendang 9w2wtf

9w2mus astronaut QSO with 9w2xco

astra team in MRSM Pendang

Thanks to SWL Che Din for the photos. The original photos can be found on Sphamradio Forum (MOU & PAMERAN ASTRA DI MRSM PENDANG Thread)

Youtube: Morse Code Practice Oscillator in Action


For starters… It does not actually sounds like that, I had to lower the voltage because the speaker output is too loud and you can hear that i’m not a good at sending morse too.

Still in progress, I’m still looking to modify it abit and put it in a nice box and attach it with a decent key.

At last my Morse Practice Circuit Completed – sort of

As promised in the previous post,Simple Morse Practice Oscillator Circuit has been completed. Sorry, I cant do anything much with the photo quality as it was taken using my stupid mobile phone.

Morse Code Oscillator

I promise to include a Youtube video demonstrating its sound and operation. Next, I need to get a decent casing and some cheap morse keyer to go with this oscillator. I might be planning to make one that could interface with CWirc too.

Radio Amateur Exam RAE 2008-1 Application form – MCMC

MCMC has released Radio Amateur Examination (RAE 2008-1) form and notice on its official website. Those who are interested to take the exam should download the form and submit it to the nearest MCMC office right away.

Details as follows :
Application closing date : 25 April 2008
Examination date : 24 June 2008
Venue : will be announced later

Please do not forget to enclose a copy of your identity card or passport together with application.

Download RAE 2008 documents here :

Finally, good luck to all candidates!

Original source : MCMC website

Kota Setar Local Amateur Repeater Maintenance Photos

Here are some of the photos taken during Kota Setar Amateur Radio Club (Kelab Alor Setar) Family Day on 8 March 2008. Below are the repeater maintenance activity taken on top of Gunung Keriang Hill during that day.

Amateur Radio Repeater Alor Setar Kedah

Amateur Radio Repeater Alor Setar Kedah

Amateur Radio Repeater Alor Setar Kedah

Amateur Radio Repeater Alor Setar Kedah

Amateur Radio Repeater Alor Setar Kedah

Amateur Radio Repeater Alor Setar Kedah

Amateur Radio Repeater Alor Setar Kedah

Amateur Radio Repeater Alor Setar Kedah

Btw, the guy in the blue shirt maintaining the repeater is 9W2USF, Handle: Amiruddin.

Gunung Keriang Repeater Team

Gunung Keriang Repeater Team

You can get the rest of the photos here – RGK Repeater Gunung Keriang Photos, all of the photos taken from 9W2DOT website