Simple L antenna (2 meter antenna)

Here’s the simplest antenna that you can build to transmit with your HT or mobile rig when you have nothing else to rely to. The configuration gives you a 3.5dBi gain and it is simple to construct when you’re at outdoor.

Simple L antenna
Simple L antenna
Simple L antenna

I built this antenna, specially for hitting repeaters during lightning storm, as my usual high mounted antenna might attract lightning.

This antenna can be built using any conductive wire. Though, for my configuration, I use thick copper wires with the length A = 0.525m and B=0.4815m. The A-B angle is about 100-110 degree. It gives SWR 1.0 between 145.5MHz – 145.8MHz and SWR 1.3 at 148.0MHz, the edge of 2 meter amateur radio band.

OWA 4 Element Yagi for 2 Meter – Great F/B ratio

I would like to share with you a compact 4 Element Yagi-Uda antenna design for 2 meter amateur radio band. This antenna has great front-to-back ratio and is optimized for wide range of frequency, a bargain for its compact design (about 76 centimeter long).

Although this antenna has almost the same gain as any simple 3 element yagi antenna (7-8dBi), this design has a significantly improved Front-to-Back ratio which is great for blanking noises and foxhunting purposes

Here how the antenna would look like
Optimized 4 Element Yagi 2 Meter

Front-Back Ratio Gain
Optimized 4 Element Yagi 2 Meter

VSWR from 143.000 MHz to 148.000 MHz

Antenna dimensions
Element, Length, Space from Reflector (all in cm unit)

  • Reflector – 103.0, 0.00
  • Driver – 95.0, 26.0
  • Director 1 – 92.0, 39.0
  • Director 2 – 83.0, 76.0

Calculated Center of Gravity – 35.0 cm

This antenna has been modelled using YagiMAX 3.0 software by K4VX

Please leave comments if you have sucessfully built this antenna. I would like to hear your experiences.