Old video of Lady Gaga, before she becomes famous

I always wondered how Lady Gaga looked like without the make-up, rumors from the internet (according to her roomate) said she was a plain looking girl during her university days. Today, I found a video of Lady Gaga taken before she become famous, under her real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Personally, I like Lady Gaga when she was Stefani more than now. But, it’s probably her current persona that made her famous now, cheers!

Please… We only want your blog post, not your music

Even in 2008 in the era of blogs and webservices, there are people who are still stuck in the 1990s.

Embedding music player and playlist of your favorite song is okay, as long as you don’t auto play it when somebody surf your blog. Worse of all, when you don’t include a button to make the music stop.

You sucks

Please, we visit your site to read blog posts, not to listen to your favorite music. If we want to listen to your music, we would already have it on our computer.

Its annoying to be forced to listen to the music that you don’t want to hear, much less it interferes with our own music player. I wouldn’t be surprised if people would rather choose to depart early from your website without even finishing your post for that reason.