My final QSL Card design – 9W2WTF

After some tinkering around with GIMP and graphics around the internet, I decided to settle down with this particular design. Hope that it’ll be distributed around the world soonish :

9w2wtf QSL Card

2 meter 5/8 ASTRA Antenna Plan – KakiBiawak

I think many of you might have heard about this particular 2 meter VHF antenna. Called
“Antenna ASTRA” which derived from the name of one of the most popular Amateur Radio Society in Malaysia.

Here is the details of its construction. Click on the photograph to enlarge it.

Plan Homebrew Antenna ASTRA 2 Meter VHF

KakiBiawak @ Astra Antenna in action

Antenna Astra

At last my Morse Practice Circuit Completed – sort of

As promised in the previous post,Simple Morse Practice Oscillator Circuit has been completed. Sorry, I cant do anything much with the photo quality as it was taken using my stupid mobile phone.

Morse Code Oscillator

I promise to include a Youtube video demonstrating its sound and operation. Next, I need to get a decent casing and some cheap morse keyer to go with this oscillator. I might be planning to make one that could interface with CWirc too.

Reserved Amateur Radio Callsigns in Malaysia

Here’s a list of reserved callsigns which won’t be assigned to amateur radio stations in Malaysia. Either because it can be provocating, sounds indecent or just plain confusing.

Reserve amateur radio callsign

This table has been taken directly from MCMC document Guideline on the Allocation of Call Sign to the Amateur Radio Service

You can directly use table as reference. New station should avoid applying callsign falling into this category as it would be automatically rejected by MCMC.

Another good thing about these callsign is that you use them as example in your documentation or tutorial as it won’t be allocated to any actual amateur radio stations.

That’s all for today, until then, cheers..

How to turn PC Power Supply to power mobile rigs

Here is a guide to modify your PC power supply unit to power up your mobile rig. If its done correctly you can have a cheap (regulated) VDC power supply solution for your mobile rig to operate at home.

Step I

First get a ATX PC power supply from the nearest computer store. Price is around RM30-70.

PSU Power Supply ATX

Make sure it could supply sufficient current. Look at the label. We need at least 10-17amp at 12V for a sufficient operation of mobile rig. Lower Ampere rating means that your mobile rig cant transmit with a typical HiGH setting (50w).

Step 2

Look for ATX power connector. It should look like this.

ATX Connector Ham RaDIO

Look for black and green wire at the ATX connector. The wire position is 4th from the top left side of the connector and 4th from the bottom right side from the connector as pictured above.
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Amateur Radio Callsign here is 9W2WTF

For those who are wondering, I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator and my callsign is 9W2WTF. I live in the northern part in Malaysia, in a town called Alor Setar.

As an amateur radio operator I usually monitor local repeater (145.525 MHz -0.600, tone: 103.5) and local simplex on 145.425 MHz mostly during night time.

I use an Icom v8 and Icom IC V8000 as my communication equipment. My hobby includes antenna homebrewing and finding the most energy efficient way to transmit as far as possible using the least power.

That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting. I can be reached at [email protected].my, or [email protected]

73 to all 🙂