Generate Icons Easily with Icon Generator

I’ve found a website that lets you generate professionally looking glossy icons which can be used in your own work, Icon Generator.

It lets you generate Adobe-style Icon or Star-shaped Icon complete with shadow, reflective and glossy effects which can be considered staple in the current Web 2.0 era.

The wizard’s UI is extremely easy to use and you can generate your icons for website, applications or print material instantly!

icon generator screenshot

icon generator screenshot

Visit Icon Generator, today!

Practice Malaysian Radio Amateur’s Examination (RAE) test online

Are you planning to take the Malaysian Radio Amateur’s Examination (RAE) this year? Good news for you as you can test your knowledge and skill using the RAE web quiz at –

Malaysia RAE Examination

The benefits of the the online web quiz are :

  • You will be able to test your knowledge before sitting on the real exam
  • You can customize the test set according to match your free time and level of comfort
  • Can view result of the test in whole or within specific section, allowing you to focus more on section that need to be improved
  • The question set mimics the real RAE test
  • It’s free, and you can take the test as many times as you like!

Amateur Radio: Malaysian APRS Seminar in Unimap (Perlis)

A seminar on APRS will be held in Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) on 7 March 2009. Details of the talk as follows:

Name: Art Takahashi
Academic Qualification: Satellite Microwave System Engineer
Expert Field: Satellite communication engineer & Hamradio
Experiences: Hamradio licence holder about 40 years

Holder Radio Callsigns
Working for NEC Japan Yokohama & Australia Papua New-Guinia

Professional Bodies Membership:
Rens & Rens , Stedehouwer NERG
The Netherland , Australia Japan

Title: A.P.R.S (Automatic Position Report System)

Explain what is all about APRS, how it works and what do with it.
Main reason about my second visit is to Malaysia is to help radio amateurs in this country, to understand a other side of hobby. So they start building digital electronics project for the radio amateur hobby. (APRS)

Date: 7 march 2009
Time: 10:30 am ~ 1:30 pm the length from the seminar is depends about visitors interest.

Vanue: Lecture Hall, UniMAP Kuala Perlis.

Info Direction QRV: 9M2RMK 147.9800Mhz Shift -0.600 Tone 203.5
Info Direction on :
a) Wikimapia
b) Google Maps

Those interested to learn more about APRS technology are invited to join in the seminar. It’s free of charge!

MyCallsign – Aplikasi handphone untuk mendapatkan maklumat callsign

mycallsign, ham callsign on mobile phonej2me malaysian amateur radio callsign db

MyCallsign merupakan satu aplikasi telefon bimbit yang memudahkan carian callsign ham radio dilakukan. MyCallsign amat mudah digunakan, dan ia menyokong kebanyakkan model telefon bimbit yang berada di pasaran termasuklah :

  • Nokia (Symbian, N series, E series)
  • Sony Ericsson (Z,K dan W series)
  • Motorola Razr
  • … dan lain lain handphone yang menyokong aplikasi JavaME

MyCallsign boleh di install pada handphone anda dengan cara :

  • Bluetooth-kan fail installer ke handphone, atau
  • Surf website menggunakan handphone dan pilih versi yang sesuai, atau
  • Salin fail installer tersebut kepada memory card dan installkan ia dengan mengunakan file manager telefon anda.

Di mana boleh saya dapatkan installer MyCallsign?

Fail installer tersebut mempunyai akhiran .jar dibelakang. Selamat mencuba!

Its time to move to another hosting

I hate to admit this, but i think the time has come for me to move to another hosting provider as I felt the current provider is counter productive to my writing with frequent downtime and DNS failures.

I’ll be transferring the host to Dreamhost, which I’ve been using since 2005 to host my other websites. Hopefully with this move I’ll be able to write frequently as before.

Becareful with what you write in your blog. Be Responsible

Recent events surrounding blogging community has caught my attention, in which a blogger was arrested in Singapore due to his racist remarks on his blog.

This is not the first case someone being arrested for writing irresponsible things in their website or blog. We had our share of bloggers which has been slapped with court action against them due to their writings.

For years, internet become more than a medium to communicate free speech. However blatantly using the freedom of the internet is not what we should do. We all have to abide by a set of rules and code of ethics when we write, especially when we are addressing the public.

Making undesirable remarks, spreading lies and misinformation should be avoided at all cost because it has negative impact to the community, as innocent lives might be ruined by what we write.

Similarly, those who has a website (or a blog) should learn from the hobby of Amateur Radio, where hams are bound by a similar code of ethics practiced throught out the world.

A good ham avoid talking about topics that are argumentative as well as sensitive issues which might hurt people feelings, even when it is just a guideline, the code of ethics are maintained and is still there. The bloggers community should adapt such code of ethics so we could have a better blogosphere, as I believe it is better than to be force to take legal action against the relatively few unethical bloggers.

Absent Minded-ness : Signs of madness or personal quirks?

I dont feel well lately as I found out that I’m hard to focus on certain things. The random lapse of attention made me worry a little bit.

Probably I should restructure my way of thinking. I need something to do, something like developing an interesting and exciting system, something useful which can make me re-focus my attention and train my brain again.

The state of idleness can drove one mad, or is it just my personal quirks to be absent minded when I’m not into research and development work?