Too much humidity! – Alor Setar heat is unbearable, feels like 40°C (100 Fahrenheit)

Alor Setar City

Phew, it’s only the first week of June, and yet I felt the heat is already unbearable in Alor Setar (map)

I’ve checked popular weather forecast websites, and most of it gave a readout of 27 °C (80° Fahrenheit), but with the humidity level around 80% (tropical weather) makes it feel like its actually 40 °C (100° Fahrenheit) out there…

Alor Setar City

I don’t have air-conditioning unit, nor I’m planning to get one, but I do hope the heat doesn’t last very long…

Oh dear, I missed September….

Segway Owner died in an accident, involving Segway…

In a shocking news that I read today, Jimi Heselden, the owner of Segway PT died in an accident when he fall off the cliff while riding a Segway. Jimi Heselden was a British millionaire chairman of Hesco Bastion and was estimated worth around £166million at the time of his death.

This accident would come as a surprise because Segway PT has just recently been sold to Jimi Heselden earlier this year (2010). This would not seems to bode well for the company as Segway profitability itself was in question since it was launched in 2001.


RAE 2008-2 Results : Congrats to new Malaysian Ham!

Radio Amateur Examination (RAE) results is out! Congratulations to those who have passed the examination! Heck even piju passed the test!

You can view the results here : RAE 2008-2 results from MCMC website.

Important Forms to download :

For those who didn’t pass, dont despair.. there’s plenty of time to study for the next RAE!

Malaysian Petrol Budget Calculator for the new Petrol Price

I guess most people are already aware about the significant petrol hike in Malaysia recently. In place of the subsidy, the govt has given RM645 annually to car owners (below 2000cc) to reduce the burden of middle-class citizen. But can it cover the cost of petrol hike?

Malaysia Petrol Price Budget Calculator

Download the application now : countpetrol.xls

Thankfully somebody took the time to create a spreadsheet application that can calculate the effect of the new subsidy scheme on the new petrol price, and how much you can save from it (if any!).

Download the application now : countpetrol.xls

Fuel price increased in Malaysia, be prepared for recession

The inevitable is here, the government has finally decided to increase the fuel price effective 6 June 2008. The cost for a liter of petrol is RM2.70 compared to RM1.92 previously. This mean an increase of almost 50% on transportation cost .

To show how significant the price increase :
You need to spend RM30 now as opposed to RM20 for the same amount of car fuel everyday.

To add to the problem, the electric tariff has been revised, and due to effect in July. Our nation is heading towards economic recession, and I think its time to cut on unnecessary spending.

Save your money and save every penny of what you earn for the rainy days. Here’s a tip on how to counter the effect of the increasing fuel price : Tips Menangani Harga Minyak Naik Mendadak