Amateur Radio: Malaysian APRS Seminar in Unimap (Perlis)

A seminar on APRS will be held in Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) on 7 March 2009. Details of the talk as follows:

Name: Art Takahashi
Academic Qualification: Satellite Microwave System Engineer
Expert Field: Satellite communication engineer & Hamradio
Experiences: Hamradio licence holder about 40 years

Holder Radio Callsigns
Working for NEC Japan Yokohama & Australia Papua New-Guinia

Professional Bodies Membership:
Rens & Rens , Stedehouwer NERG
The Netherland , Australia Japan

Title: A.P.R.S (Automatic Position Report System)

Explain what is all about APRS, how it works and what do with it.
Main reason about my second visit is to Malaysia is to help radio amateurs in this country, to understand a other side of hobby. So they start building digital electronics project for the radio amateur hobby. (APRS)

Date: 7 march 2009
Time: 10:30 am ~ 1:30 pm the length from the seminar is depends about visitors interest.

Vanue: Lecture Hall, UniMAP Kuala Perlis.

Info Direction QRV: 9M2RMK 147.9800Mhz Shift -0.600 Tone 203.5
Info Direction on :
a) Wikimapia
b) Google Maps

Those interested to learn more about APRS technology are invited to join in the seminar. It’s free of charge!

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Kelas Persediaan RAE 2008-1 di Lokalan Alor Setar, Kedah

Sukacitanya dimaklumkan, rakan rakan radio amatur di sekitar lokalan Kota Setar telah menganjurkan kelas RAE sebagai persediaan menghadapi peperiksaan RAE 2008-1. Butiran seperti dibawah :

Kepada rakan rakan yang akan menduduki kelas RAE 2008-1 boleh menghadiri Kelas Persediaan RAE yang dianjurkan oleh rakan rakan lokalan Kota Setar. Butiran seperti di bawah :

Hari : Setiap Jumaat (Starting 16 Mei 2008)
Masa : 9.00 malam
Tempat : Sek Men Dato’ Syed Omar Alor Setar
Contact person : 9w2aze (019-4494559), 9w2crm (013-4722875)

Peta Lokasi :

Radio Amateur Exam RAE 2008-1 Application form – MCMC

MCMC has released Radio Amateur Examination (RAE 2008-1) form and notice on its official website. Those who are interested to take the exam should download the form and submit it to the nearest MCMC office right away.

Details as follows :
Application closing date : 25 April 2008
Examination date : 24 June 2008
Venue : will be announced later

Please do not forget to enclose a copy of your identity card or passport together with application.

Download RAE 2008 documents here :

Finally, good luck to all candidates!

Original source : MCMC website

Amateur Radio Callsign here is 9W2WTF

For those who are wondering, I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator and my callsign is 9W2WTF. I live in the northern part in Malaysia, in a town called Alor Setar.

As an amateur radio operator I usually monitor local repeater (145.525 MHz -0.600, tone: 103.5) and local simplex on 145.425 MHz mostly during night time.

I use an Icom v8 and Icom IC V8000 as my communication equipment. My hobby includes antenna homebrewing and finding the most energy efficient way to transmit as far as possible using the least power.

That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting. I can be reached at [email protected], or [email protected]

73 to all 🙂

Today is my Birthday, woot!

Wow, the day finally came. Happy birthday to me! Thanks a lot to people who sent me birthday wishes, I love you all!

APz of ICCL has taken the time to draw me this comic strip on my birthday, hope you’ll enjoy reading it

happy birthday to mypapit

Thanks APz, It means so much to me as I am one of your fans !