Oh yeah, I’ve written a lot of stuff previously on this page just to intro myself to you all. But a gremlin came in and stole all of those words out from this page right in front of my eyes. So I’ve to write this replacement instead. Tough luck, huh?

Callsign 9W2WTF
QTH Alor Setar

My old school – Beseri
I wish i’ve been mischievous here – MARA Transkrian

My station homebase – 9w2wtf

17 Replies to “About”

  1. salam kontek perdana utk anda..
    Semlm kita ada monitor anda berQSO dgn cikgu man 9M2AR di repeater MARTS.
    Tahniah utk anda lulus RAE dan mendpt AA.

    –… ..—

  2. Hi 9W2WTF!

    Too bad all the good stuff is disappeared, I would love to read interesting things about my colleague amateur radio operators!

    Hope to hear you on the airwaves sometime!

    73 de PD0JMW

  3. Interesting & very educational site for local ham. well done hafiz.
    it would be great if u could contribute some articles for sphamradio too.

  4. 9M2AR masih aktif lagi? Saya SWL lama, selalu ikuti cikgu man dan geng geng datuk Tan…sekarang cuba mencari semangat baru untuk ambil lesen.

  5. hi…

    contact perdana dgn anda, terjumpa sewaktu surfing web. blog anda, web menarik…. ada bahan nak dirujuk… harap ketemu diudara ataupun daratan…


  6. Just browsing and found your blog. Thought I would say Hi. I visit Alor Setah fairly often as my wife comes from a village near there, NAKKA. She is Thai and all her family live there.


  7. Salam…

    Kandungan blog yang amat bagus untuk dikongsi bersama.
    Nice job.

    Papun salam contact perdana.
    Terima kasih.


  8. Hi Bro,
    Salam contact perdana dan contact kenal.Blog yang amat bagus tentang Power supply .Hombrew .All the best.


  9. hello, Ive found your blog accidentally while im searching for ayam or chicken. nice blog anyway, keep on blogging about ayam. because ayam rulez.

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