Ass kissing is an important skill that I’ve forgotten

That’s true. I blew up a teaching job today solely because I forgot to ass kiss one of the interviewer, supposedly a great teacher who really cares about the well-being of his student (Let just say his name is Noor Hassan from BPM MARA, some hypocrite if you ask me! ). Poor me. (Well you don’t know me, I dont know you, fair enough. Even if I know you, I would be still treated badly btw for the sake of ‘fairness’ among other candidates)

Yeah, rediscovered that in order to get what you want; talent, experience, flair and intelligence does not count much when people does not seek you. What matter is that you are willing to go further down below, even farther than you ever go, and that is ass-kissing.

Leaders who are in their top place does not rely with their skills in leadership alone when they first started from the bottom of the pack. They are the greatest ass-kisser around, and I was blind to take example from our fine leaders.

I wrote this because of the very same reason I wrote every other article, which is to inform. Interviewers are human too, no matter how they act, react or trying to portray, a well-placed ass kissing is the way to go if you want to get extra impression that you are knowledgeable and an asset to government organizations, things are different in private sectors though.

Don’t laugh, it is part of the so-called communication skills.

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