Am I Going to get TR-696M Citizen Band CB Radio?

Since childhood, I’ve been dreaming to operate a CB radio just like what has been portrayed by TV in that era. Budget restriction and equipment availability however restricts me from getting involved in the radio communication hobby at that time.

Now few years later, I might just had the chance to get myself a type-approved (to be used in Malaysia) Texas Ranger (TR-696M) CB radio for home use.

Citizen Band (or Jalur Rakyat) does not require license in Malaysia so long as you use a type approved rig like TR-696M. The rig operates on 11 meter CB radio band and it can access frequency range from 26.965 Mhz to 27.555 MHz, divided in 40 channels.

The normal modulation for this type of radio is SSB (optinally FM), which makes it an attractive choice for DXing (international long distance communication).

However currently propagation for 10-11 meter band is not as good as few years ago, which means that I might not get as many contact as I would like to get using this radio. This, along with the cost of erecting an effective 11 meter antenna makes me think twice before obtaining this Citizen Band Base Station Rig.

So am i going to get Citizen Band Radio? An interesting dillema.. any thoughts?

Where to get CB Radio in Malaysia
Although MCMC mandated that we should use a type-approved CB radio set, surprisingly there are only one type of CB radio rig which is type-approved, that is Texas Ranger TRM-696. You currently you can get new set from 9M2DA, Deen Attan from CBMalaysia website.

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