OWA 4 Element Yagi for 2 Meter – Great F/B ratio

I would like to share with you a compact 4 Element Yagi-Uda antenna design for 2 meter amateur radio band. This antenna has great front-to-back ratio and is optimized for wide range of frequency, a bargain for its compact design (about 76 centimeter long).

Although this antenna has almost the same gain as any simple 3 element yagi antenna (7-8dBi), this design has a significantly improved Front-to-Back ratio which is great for blanking noises and foxhunting purposes

Here how the antenna would look like
Optimized 4 Element Yagi 2 Meter

Front-Back Ratio Gain
Optimized 4 Element Yagi 2 Meter

VSWR from 143.000 MHz to 148.000 MHz

Antenna dimensions
Element, Length, Space from Reflector (all in cm unit)

  • Reflector – 103.0, 0.00
  • Driver – 95.0, 26.0
  • Director 1 – 92.0, 39.0
  • Director 2 – 83.0, 76.0

Calculated Center of Gravity – 35.0 cm

This antenna has been modelled using YagiMAX 3.0 software by K4VX

Please leave comments if you have sucessfully built this antenna. I would like to hear your experiences.

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