YagiMAX: The best Yagi Uda antenna modelling software

Today I want to share with you a great Yagi Uda Antenna modeling software for amateur radio operator and enthusiast.

The most interesting part of the software is, it can help you to improve your design by projecting the antenna radiation pattern and estimating the radiation resistance (impudence) at any given frequency.

The application is created for the venerable DOS environment, thus some of the operating system might not be able to run it natively. However I found out that I can run the application successfully using DOSBox DOS emulator software under Ubuntu Linux. For your information, DOSBox is also available for Windows operating system too.

YagiMAX Screenshots

Here’s a couple of YagiMAX screenshot taken from my computer (running Linux, Ubuntu Gutsy). The antenna shown here is a 6 Element OWA Yagi for 2 Meter amateur radio band, scaled from its 6 meter counterpart, the design was taken from L.B Cebik website

yagimax yagi software model

yagimax yagi software model

Download YagiMAX

Here is a download link to YagiMAX 3.11. Hope that will help you in your work !

4 Replies to “YagiMAX: The best Yagi Uda antenna modelling software”

  1. I am intrested to design and simulate the “COMPACT DUAL BAND PRINTED YAGI-UDA ANTENNA FOR GNSS& CMMP APPLICATION “.So need the source code for design and simulation procedures.which type of source or program can be use.any idea u have share me.

  2. As the author of Yagimax it is ironical that I can no longer use it on my own more modern O/S.
    I still have an old MS-DOS machine (486) in my basement that will operate Yagimax, but my two
    notebooks are Windows 7, and my desktop Windows 10 which show an error message upon trying to
    load it. I have tried several shell programs, but no luck.
    My latest version of Yagimax is 3.51 and has many more features than 3.11 has. If anyone would
    the latest version and can make DOS programs work after a fact, let me know and I will send a
    copy. Probably will use a false extension rather tha .EXE which gives some virus programs fits.
    Perhaps the file will be Yagimax.doc which requires renaming to Yagimax.exe in order to run.

    Lew Gordon, K4VX
    [email protected]
    P.S. As I am a Stage 4 cancer patient, don’t wait too long! 😇

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