Friendster’s Stupidity – Why I rarely logged in

Some of my friends were wondering why I did not log in my Friendster account for a long period of time considering that I worked in front of a PC all the time.

Well, I leave it up to these screenshots to answer those questions

FYI, most of these people have at least completed college-level education and are supposed to understand that forwading junk messages could disrupt any sort of communication network.

Oh well I might as well redirect people who questioned my long absence from Friendster account to this page next time. Boohoo social networking, I’ll be screening my FaceBook contact to avoid this sort of problem.

8 Replies to “Friendster’s Stupidity – Why I rarely logged in”

  1. aku oun tak paham kenapa orang suka forward2 hoax.
    jadi biasanya saya akan reply dan mengatakan ianya hoax.

    Lama kelamaan saya dah tak dapat emel jenis forward_tanpa_usul_periksa itu.

    Saya tiada akaun friendster

  2. sama la dengan IM pun, ramai sgt suka forward-forward tu. Last sekali sama ada (a) terangkan yang perbuatan tersebut kurang elok,(b) ignore/block terus dari IM list

  3. Sy juga tiada akaun friendster..:D

    Sy tak pernah buka email forward² tu dan tak pernah memfoward² semula… pengguna tak matangkan?

  4. Last time I got fed up and deleted my Friendster account… Even dedicated a blog post to address this… But I re-opened the account for the sake of old friends, only to see it happen again… Now I just don’t pay attention to it, since no one (or rather, very few people) transmits serious announcements thru these channels.

    Currently Facebook is starting to see the same problem thru the SuperWall application… From email to Friendster to Facebook, hmm…

    Btw, found this post (and blog) thru 🙂

  5. These things on email are horrible enough, now in Friendster message… that’s 10 fold the horridness…

    I once post a rant about this at Friendster bulletin board on how stupid these people are.. It didn’t spread wide enough tho.. i think i should put this at the bottom: “Forward this to 10 people, or else God kills a kitten” 🙂

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