Simple 10 meter loop antenna

Here’s a diagram for a simple 10m loop antenna. Although 10 meter band is not very good at this time of the year, the operating condition is predicted to be improving in the next couple of years.

Simple Antenna for 10 meter operation

10meter loop antenna

A/B Value for 28.2 MHz
A = 73″
B = 146″

A/B Value for 28.5 MHz
A = 72″
B = 145 3/4″

A/B Value for 27.5555 MHz (freebander)
A = 73 1/2″
B = 150 3/4″

Data from MMANA-GAL software

10 meter loop data for 28.5MHz

The antenna can be build from Copper wire or aluminum tube.
Here’s the MMANA-GAL file for reference : 10meterloop_simple.maa

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