MCMC has updated Malaysian Amateur Radio callsign database

MCMC (Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Comittee) has updated Malaysian Amateur Radio Apparatus Assignment and Callsign database, which can be viewed here – The updated database include details of newly registered hams who’ve recently passed RAE 2008-1 examination in April.

Alternatively you could try the experimental AJAX web interface from ashamradio callsign project. Thanks to 9M2CIO for making the database available to use freely.

2 Replies to “MCMC has updated Malaysian Amateur Radio callsign database”

  1. Tuan/Puan.
    setiap petang pada jam 8.30pm ada Borneo net di adakan di 40m di freq. 7045.00mhz pada setiap malam. kami di Borneo net mengalu-alukan penyertaan tuan yang berlesen penoh untuk sertai. 9M2 station juga di alu-alukan turut serta semasa pangilan di buat sebelum call area 7 dari Indonesia. sekian dan terima kasih. de 9M6LS

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