Fuel price increased in Malaysia, be prepared for recession

The inevitable is here, the government has finally decided to increase the fuel price effective 6 June 2008. The cost for a liter of petrol is RM2.70 compared to RM1.92 previously. This mean an increase of almost 50% on transportation cost .

To show how significant the price increase :
You need to spend RM30 now as opposed to RM20 for the same amount of car fuel everyday.

To add to the problem, the electric tariff has been revised, and due to effect in July. Our nation is heading towards economic recession, and I think its time to cut on unnecessary spending.

Save your money and save every penny of what you earn for the rainy days. Here’s a tip on how to counter the effect of the increasing fuel price : Tips Menangani Harga Minyak Naik Mendadak

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