Import procedure for Amateur Radio Equipment in Malaysia

As an amateur radio operator, you might need to upgrade your radio equipment from time to time. This might involve you having to import new radios from other country into Malaysia.

However any type of radio communication equipment is considered as control item by Malaysian Government so therefore you need an import permit in order to get the equipment into the country.

How to apply Approved Permit (AP) using JK 69 form

JK 69 Borang Permit Import Kastam
  1. First you need to obtain JK 69 form from government printer (Percetakan Nasional) branches or from local bookshop. Fill in the form.
  2. Make sure you have photocopies of your Apparatus Assignment, Identification documents (IC or Passport or Driving licence) and Brochure/catalog of the intended radio to be purchased/imported.
  3. Submit it to the nearest SIRIM office. You will be charged RM 30 for the processing fee. You will receive the AP on the same day or the next working day.
  4. You can use the AP to show to custom official in order to get your amateur radio equipment into the country.

Customs code for amateur radio transceiver: 852520200

Important Note on Importing Radio Equipment
The radio you are importing must be listed on the MCMC website on Approved Amateur Radio Equipment list. Otherwise you will be charged extra RM 150.00.

The material of this website has been taken from MARTS official website

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  1. Dear sir,

    I am Malaysian student from United Kingdom and I am in the midst of investigating the procedures of importing my vehicle home. I was informed that I would need a Form J.K. 69 in order to apply the approval permit from MITI in KL. However I have not seen a form J.K. 69 before. I would appreciate if you could forward me your forms (pardon me as i’m not sure whether this form are meant to be confidential) for my references in filling the forms or a blank sheet would do. I thank you in advance and hope to hear from your soonest reply.

    Happy Haming Radio,

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