2 meter 5/8 ASTRA Antenna Plan – KakiBiawak

I think many of you might have heard about this particular 2 meter VHF antenna. Called
“Antenna ASTRA” which derived from the name of one of the most popular Amateur Radio Society in Malaysia.

Here is the details of its construction. Click on the photograph to enlarge it.

Plan Homebrew Antenna ASTRA 2 Meter VHF

KakiBiawak @ Astra Antenna in action

Antenna Astra

6 Replies to “2 meter 5/8 ASTRA Antenna Plan – KakiBiawak”

  1. Hai,
    Antenna looks interesting for homemade. However my Malaysian is not very good.
    Can you translate in English following:
    “Di Bengko 45% 24inci panjang 10 inci dan tiang utama.” It’s the text for the lower radials.

    I guessed “something” what it could mean, based on that draw the antenna in a simulator (MMANA). The radiationpattern obtained is rather nice, very low angle. The SWR is far out of the specs so think I misinterpret the place of the bottomradials end bend moment.


  2. hi there Jan,

    This particular type of antenna is quite popular in my country because of its low angle of radiation.

    The phrase translates as :
    “Bend 45% 24inch long (in the hypotenuse) and 10 inch from the main pillar”

    so the total length of a single radial element is 28inch. you clip 4 inch to the main element. then you bend the other 24inch up until the end of the radial element 10 inch from the main element

    hope this will help you.

    mounted antenna :


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