MRSM Pendang and ASTRA MOU feat Sheikh Muszaphar 9W2MUS

Here are the photos taken during MRSM Pendang and ASTRA Memorandum of Understanding signing day resulting in the establishment of Amateur Radio club in the boarding school supervised by ASTRA.

The MOU sigining ceremony was also witnessed by our first Astronaut Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor who is also an amateur radio operator (9W2MUS)

MOU MRSM Pendang 9w2wtf

9w2mus astronaut QSO with 9w2xco

astra team in MRSM Pendang

Thanks to SWL Che Din for the photos. The original photos can be found on Sphamradio Forum (MOU & PAMERAN ASTRA DI MRSM PENDANG Thread)

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