Simple Morse Practice Oscillator Circuit

This will be my next homebrew project, a morse practice oscillator circuit. 9W2AZV and I are going to build this as we are preparing ourselves to perfect our Morse code sending/receiving skills.

In the spirit of amateur radio/ham, we will homewbrew the equipment using easily obtainable parts from our nearest electronic stores.

Here’s the circuit


We are still thinking of the easiest and cheapest way to homebrew the keyer, but we are considering to use discarded/faulty computer mouse as our first keyer.

Morse Mouse Keyer

As a bonus, we thought of hooking this keyer straight to PC serial port, so we could use it with XChat CWirc plugin to enable us to test our Morse skill on the irc.

With the amount of work i’m having this week, I would estimate that this project would be completed by the end of March. So stay tune for photos!

4 Replies to “Simple Morse Practice Oscillator Circuit”

  1. Awesome project. I’m looking forward to seeing this one. I haven’t taken up CW yet, but it is on my list. When I do, I plan on doing a mouse-keyer.

    Great idea.

  2. Neat little schematic.My problem is understanding c2.Does radio shack sell that part number?

  3. @kenneth C2 is a standard 0.01uF ceramic capacitor. They’re about 30 cents and you’d probably want to get want that handles a max of 25V.

    Thanks for the plans btw. I’m planning on building this, but I will be adding some potentiometers for pitch and volume.

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